Earn money by working at internet

#how to earn from internet?
Ans: by showing advertisement , google adsence & working internet about graphics design , web design , ms excel and so on .

#Payment system ?
ans: you can get money by – check , pioneer debt master card , visa card , western union , money bookers etc.

to register with money bookers or understand payment system please visit _ 
 http://www.alartpay.com /
 #google adsence_
google will provide you some advertisement for your site. You will get money if your visitors are clicked on those advertisement.

# blogging
Any helpful site is blogsite . in which site men can visit to learn about her thirst.  you can built a blogsite for earn money from internet.


# fake click
suppose you have got ad for your site. At now you can get money for every real click . but if you click by himself or clicked by your friends for only earn money then it is a fake click. So be careful .

#way of adsense 
  1. create an e-mail account.
  2. create a web site.           
 3.create an adsence account.  

  1. CREATE AN E-MAIL ACCOUNT: please search in google by writing gmail  . enter the site and click on create a new account.
then  give your information to open your gmail email account. you will get a confirmation msg on your computer screen after succeeds.

  1. create a web site : there is two kind of web site. Free web site and own web site.

To create a free web site please visit _ 
                                                                      http://www.web.com     http://www.blogger.com 

To see a free web site pls visite:

#about own web
you can create an own domain web site by buying domain. To create own web site pls contact with professional web designers. 

3.create an adsence account
at first visit  http://www.google/adsence.com      and continue to sign up i-con . finished the steps by giving information  as needed. 

#adsence configure & get code
at first log in http://www.google/adsence.com . give your e-mail & password . go to adsence setup i-con and press continue i-con again and again . finish it by clicking submit and get code button. Save your code by using note pad.     

# implement ad using code
at first open your account from  http://www.blogger.com . then pest your code into content . to pest go to following way:
web>layout>add a gadget>html / java >
now you have to pest your code in content box. After copying  code click on save i-con.

#earning reaport
you can see your earning report by login your site.

Please visit those sites to make freelancing by working at internet
 thank you. our next tutorials will elaborate the ways of online money making, stay connected with carifahmad.blogspot.com. 

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