How to Leave a Comment On Blogs

 We know that to leave a comment is very important to our website due to seo. But if you are not follow the rules your comment may detected as a spam comment. So when you will write a review you should read the article where you leave a comment. There are many way to do this.
Many website have readymade comments box where are required - name, email address, website and your comment. By giving this information you should click on send/leave comment i-con. That’s way your comments will awaiting for moderation.

How to Leave Comment with html tag:
You can also use html tag to leave a comment.  At the end of your comment you can use the html tag given below-
<a href="">carifahmad</a>
you should replace the url with your websites url and use your closeable keyword in the place of carifahmad

An example to leave a comment-
Thank you very much. I am seeking a solution for odesk registration problem. By reading and following your article this problem has solved. Thanks again.
<a href="">carifahmad</a>

How to leave Comment with bb code:
As same as html code you can use bb code to leave a comment. Here is the bb code-

Instructions to Leave a Comment:
Be sure your comment is not a spam or you are not a spammer.  If your comment will detected as a spam comment it will delete by site author /admin or moderator. So be careful to leave a comment. You should follow the following rules to leave a comment:
*write a summary or gist of post and write a wonderful review. So your comment will not be spam one.
*Do not write only- nice’, fine’, Thanks,’ wonderful – such kind comment.
*give only one anchor text on your comment.

How to Leave a Comment Youtube Video

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